This Wiki is dedicated to the homebrew world used within a private campaign. The campaign is set on the planet of Urath, which has links to both the Material Plane and The Shade.


Geography of Urath

Continents NewlandThe WastesEastern Triune
Islands Test
Oceans Sea of ExplorersNorth SeaKing's Royal WatersSanley Expanse

Kingdoms of Urath

Newland Royal LandsMondihr
The Wastes Test
Eastern Triune Test

Royal Lands

Locations Within The Royal Lands

Capital City Burnham
Cities Hastings
Towns High HeathMorwick-on-Sea
Notable Locations Blackwater Wald

Factions Within The Royal Lands

Millitary 108th King's Royal Pikes
Guards Burnham BluecoatsKing's Royal RedcoatsHigh Heath Rifles
Mercenaries Blackwater Ironsides
Criminals Bowery Pikes


Locations Within Mondihr

Capital City Dunmaghlas